The Angelic Humans
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An ancient cosmic principle, a Light jewel, originating from the stars, made in co-operation with the divine Light worlds.

Alchemical Mage

Mail order distributor of the Angelic Outreach Potions from the book What Is Lightbody? by Tashira Tachi-ren. Products developed by the Council of Ein Soph: Personalized potions, Mysterium Sacred Oils, ascension oriented musical tapes, cds meditations, invocations, free tools and techniques, Ascended Master greeting cards and much more.

Angel Painter - Nanne Nyander

Her paintings are about the Hope that we as individuals, and as human beings must have in order so that we may create for ourselves a better world.

Angel Valley

A secluded, peaceful 70-acre creekside sanctuary for reconnecting to the Divine within.

Blue River World Art

Webpage for Judy Casad - devoting her artistic strengths to capturing color and light on canvas.

Body Mind Spirit Directory

Directory to Holistic Health, Metaphysics, Natural Healing, Spirituality and Conscious Living.

Diana Gazes and The Lighteam

New Human - New Earth:  "Once You Have A Direct Experience Of The Light Realms & Your Own God Presence . . .
You Own It . . . It Is Yours Forever!"

Emerald Light Healing

Rosemary Veilleux RN is dedicated to assisting others to experience their own joy and well being.  Through utilizing her intuitive gifts, and working with the multidimensional energy field, she helps facilitate shifting of old patterns so that physical, emotional and spiritual health can be experienced once again.  Rosemary has learned, through her own past challenges, that healing can be light and playful rather than heavy and filled with trauma.  Rosemary enjoys offering this spirit of lightness to her sessions.

Everyday Manifesting

Finding joy through creating consciously.

Galerie Sublimato

The transfigurative and esoteric art of A. Andrew Gonzalez.

The Halls of Reiki

Extensive information on Reiki, as well as Reiki training and correspondence courses, a Book Store, a Hall of Music where you can find music for healing, meditation, and yoga, and hundreds of links.

The Harmony Project

What joins us is greater than what separates us. The Harmony Project is journeys of faith and spiritual discovery.

In the Hands of Alchemy

The art, publications and work of Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong.

The Intenders of the Highest Good

The Intenders of the Highest Good show you how to set your intention to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible.

International Metaphysical Ministry

World's largest metaphysics university system. The IMM encourages independent research, points of view, and the use of individual talents and modalities.

New Energy Journey

Home of Choose to Live and Stories of Cosmic History plus The Creator Cards - all creations by Carol Walczak.

Pelham Grayson - Wholesale Gemstones, Crystals & Minerals

Wholesaler, importer, and manufacturer of quality rocks, crystals, minerals fossils, gifts, souvenirs, carvings, beads, and New Age - Metaphysical products for resale or for personal use.

Sunlight Network

A forum for spreading information about the spiritual awakening now taking place on Earth.

University of Metaphysics

The leaders in self-paced learning for all degree levels of metaphysics.  The University offers spirituality to a world in need of Higher Spiritual Truth beyond that found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religions.

University of Sedona

Offering all levels of metaphysics degrees. The University creates a diversity of new approaches to ministry so that Higher Spirituality may reach the public through various means not confined to traditional church building congregations.

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